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Trekking Preparation

Hiking to the roof of Africa is the adventure of a lifetime, especially since everyone, from seasonal trekkers to first time enthusiasts can scale the snowy peak.

Although no previous climbing experience is necessary, it is important to prepare yourself as much as possible, to help you achieve this amazing accomplishment.

Kilimanjaro climbing needs Physical, Mental and proper equipment.


We supply tents, other camping equipment, utensils etc. You will need to bring all personal items, clothing, and sleeping bags. You will be given a full pre-climb information kit, which includes a hiring price list. Many of these items are expensive to buy from home, therefore we offer an inexpensive hiring service in Arusha.The day before your climb, we will give you a climb briefing, equipment check and help you hire anything additional you need.


Climbing mt.Kilimanjaro is a physical undertaking, so you should prepare yourself accordingly. Being in good shape is important, whereas aerobic fitness allows the body to function efficiently with less oxygen.

The best training for a mount Kilimanjaro climb is walking, as often as you can, as much as you can. Jogging makes your heart and lungs in good condition for the climb.

You can wear your boots that you are going to use in Kilimanjaro and walk some distances (5-10km.or more), while carrying a weight of about 5-8kg in your backpack.


You need to train your heart and lungs so that your body can cope with the rigors of a high altitude expedition.

Hikes,frequent swimming, endurance training, cycling etc.


The first thing an altitude attack on your body is the immune system. A fitter, well trained and well fed climber is less susceptible to fatigue. You need to strengthen your immune system with the food you eat and the training you do. That’s your harmony!

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