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Tipping Suggestion

Tippings can be givento the crew,i.e porters,cooks,guides and drivers at the end of their service.Below,there is a tipping guide line we recommend,but sometimes some of the climbers tend to tip more or less than the minimum option,depending to how happy or unhappy they are with the service they receave from our crew or how well prepared the climber is.

Tippings for Mountain Crew

The best place and day to tip your crew is the last day of your climb at the hotel/office.The first day when you meet your chief guide for climb briefing,he will let you know the size of your crew,and different responsibilities between them.Then,he will provide you with the envelopes with the name of each crew member.After you decide how much to tip each one of your crew,you will distribute to the crew individually,when you meet them in the office or at your hotel.At this moment,you may also sing Kilimanjaro/jambo songs together with your crew,and taking a memorable group photo.If you have a word to tell your team,this is the wright time.

Tipping Guideline for Drivers

You can tip your driver between $10 - $20 per group. Your driver can be the one who picks you up from the Airport, takes you to the Airport, or who drives you to the entrance gate or picks you up from the exit gate.

Tipping Guideline

Chief Guide $20 - $25 Per Day
Chef $12 - $15 Per Day
Senior Porter $8 - $10 Per Day
Porter $6 - $8 Per Day
Chief Guide $25 - $30 Per Day
Assistant Guide $15 - $20 Per Day
Chef $15 - $20 Per Day
Senior Porter $10 - $12 Per Day
Porter $8 - $10 Per Day
Chief Guide $30 - $40 Per Day
Assistant Guide $20 - $25 Per Day
Chef $20 - $25 Per Day
Senior Porter $12 - $14 Per Day
Porter $10 - $12 Per Day

What Is Senior Porter?

Is the experienced and well trained porter who takes special responsibilities to ensure that everything in the camp is well organized, things done in time and climbers receive maximum services? They take control of all porters and help guides to ensure that all porters are performing with their duties accordingly .Porters who working harder can be promoted to senior porters and senior porters who working harder can be sponsored and trained to become cooks or guides.

1 - Camping master:

He takes care of the camp, to ensure that all the tents get to the camping place early and built in a good way before the climbers arrive, to prepare drinking water for the climbers and serving climbers with meals in the mess tent. He is also responsible to balance the weight between each porter.

2 – Summit porter

This is the summit experienced porter and he accompanies groups to the summit, carrying their extra weight and helping in case any emergency/evacuation happens, and help the climbers to reach the summit.

3 – Assistant Cook

He is trained to prepare different types of meals and assists the main chef to prepare and cook climbers’ food on the mountain, in large groups.

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