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Tarangire National Park

  • Best Time to Visit

    Dry Season

  • Area

    2,850 Sq Km

  • From Arusha


Bored with your life? Want some adventure? Come to Tanzania, the place where wild rules. Dotted with many destinations, don’t forget to visit Tarangire National Park. It is a safari destination, home to elephants and other large mammals like lions. It's also an ideal place for birdwatchers with more than 150 species found here in the past five years alone. The Park is a vast, seemingly endless territory with so much to explore. The best way to do this? Game drives! There are several different times of day that game drives can take place, and they offer tourists the opportunity for different wildlife viewing experiences.

Tarangire National Park in Tanzania offers an unforgettable safari adventure filled with exotic animals like the infamous elephant herd that roams free around the park's grasslands or majestic giraffe herds lounging on sparse trees by waterfalls. The park showcases its diversity through animals from all over Africa-from African Elephants to Cheetahs. The most special thing about Tarangire is that it attracts animals from the entire ecosystem. If you want an escape from your citylife this place is the best spot to enjoy some time in the lap of nature. Capture some eye arresting vistas of Africa's wilderness with a Tarangire Safari. If you're ready to experience the beauty of Africa, don’t delay your plans. Book a tour and explore Tarangire National Park.

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