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Serengeti National Park

  • Best Time to Visit

    June to October

  • Area

    14,750 sq meter

  • From Arusha

    335 km

The Serengeti National Park is an amazing place to see wildlife in its natural habitat. It's the largest game reserve in Africa and covers a large swath of land consisting of animal-filled plains, marshes, lagoons, and woodlands with vegetation that varies from short grasses on the treeless plain to tall trees near rivers or lakes. And it’s no wonder this park attracts lots of tourists each year – there are so many different species you can spot here.You'll be able to find lions stalking prey across open savannahs.

Spot cheetahs chasing gazelles for dinner, crocs sunning themselves by marshy shores as they wait patiently for unsuspecting birds who fly too low over water before snapping them up, hippos wallowing in lakes, streams, and so on. In addition to all these eye-catching animals, you'll also find stunning waterfalls here – the Kondoa Falls, which is one of the tallest in Africa.

Serengeti also hosts 2 million animals from more than 300 species like lions, wildebeests, zebras, elephants, giraffes, and buffalos. And you're in luck because the best time to visit is during the migration season, which lasts from July-October. Other good times are when rains come around – this attracts a lot of different animals looking for water and papyrus reeds for cover or grazing.

There's also a wide range of accommodation options here – from budget campsites to luxurious lodges. If you're not too keen on staying in one of these, you can also pitch your tent and establish a campfire.

This amazing park offers visitors a great number of activities that are good for both adventure lovers and those who prefer to relax. If you love adrenaline-pumping adventures then why not try a guided trek through the national park? You can choose between the walking safari or the balloon safari to get an insider’s view of all the animals living their lives in this vast reserve.

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