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Tanzania Safari Packages

Tanzania is a beautiful country in East Africa that has an abundance of natural parks and reserves. The Great Migration, the most significant large mammal migration on Earth, takes place year-round within these areas. Wazi Tours offer Tanzania Tours & Safaris Packages to get up close with some of the most amazing wildlife species such as lions, cheetahs, leopards, among others.

Pole means slowly in Swahili, and it is one of the essential values of proud Tanzanians.

It is the same with our safaris in Tanzania. We offer expertly designed safaris that are slow and steady paced to encourage you to enjoy the journey. Our local guides will take their time to explain everything about the different animals, plants or cultural heritage you come across.

While on a wildlife safari in Tanzania, the slower pace allows you to get closer to wildlife, offering unforgettable experiences.

The Great Migration is one of the most significant natural phenomena on our planet that you must not miss. Swahili proverb says "pole pole yetu," meaning slowly but surely we will make it. Tanzania is home to some of the unique parks and wildlife reserves. We curate the Best Tanzania Holiday Packages for you.

Wazi tours have been offering Affordable Tanzania Safari Packages for over many years and are an expert in creating the perfect itinerary for you. Whether it is a family safari, honeymoon, luxury or group tour, we can plan any adventure for you.

One of the best areas to do wildlife safaris is within the national parks of Northern Tanzania and Southern Kenya. The Great Migration takes place; there are wildebeests as far as the eye can see.

The elephant is considered a cultural and religious symbol in Tanzania. Many people have a deep respect for these animals. However, there are places (such as Selous game reserve) where you can go on safari to spot them while they peacefully graze or bathe in riverbeds. Explore the Best Tanzania Holiday Packages

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