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Do I require/need a visa to enter Tanzania?

A Visa is not required for US or UK guests who require less than three months when going into Tanzania with an East African Tourist Travel Documents (EATTD). Individuals from different nations can visit the Tanzania High Commission in their government to check whether they need visas before they go to Tanzania.

Will I be able to get a visa on the spot?

No, there just isn't anyone who can give you a visa on the spot when travelling in Tanzania without an East African Tourist Travel Documents (EATTD). To acquire your documents before you go to Tanzania, visit the Tanzanian High Commission in your nation.

When should I visit Tanzania?

The best seasons for travel when going into Tanzania are throughout the dry season, which can be in between May and October. You'll have the capacity to appreciate game drives, as there's significantly less dust in this time of year, incredible viewpoints and less substantial systems. The climate around the coast is perfect during this time of year too.

Which wildlife safari lodge is best?

There's no one answer for this as it relies upon your budget, desires and time frame in Tanzania. A few visitors go to Kenya for their Wilderness Safaris and Serena Lodges or Rwanda for their mountain gorilla treks because it will be less expensive than Tanzania.

How do I get from Arusha to my safari lodge?

You can rely on us when you get started. We'll take care of the transportation from the hotel in Arusha, airfare and ground transfers for your safari.

Which route do I take to get from Arusha to the safari lodge?

We can give you an entire assessment of your Tanzania safaris and must tell you which routes we utilize for each course, relying upon your hotel in Arusha and lodge. We generally use the northern circuit through Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire.

Do I need a 4×4 for my safaris?

No! You don't require a four by four while going on safari in Tanzania with us because all of our travellers are accommodated with the celebrated Toyota Land Cruiser Prado in an arrangement that permits them room to stand up and move around.

I've been on safari before, is there anything new that I can expect?

There's constantly something fresh to be found when going into the wild! Take a look at our 'Rates' page for more information on what others have discovered on their safaris with us.

How are the parties of your tours?

All of our rates are sectioned by age and pax, so you will dependably know what you're spending money on before you pay for your safari. Have a look at our 'Rates' page to check whether your age group will incur a smaller amount than others.

Does the 'inclusive' cost incorporate my airfare and accommodation as well?

The rate that you see on our site incorporates your transport, lodging and game drives with us in Tanzania! To know what is contained on each safari, we have to discover what lodges you're remaining in. From that point, we can inform you what is included with our 'inclusive' rate and what is not.

Do I require travel insurance before going on my safari?

Yes! It's an absolute necessity for all travellers to have a comprehensive travel coverage policy when flying out on safari. Travellers without a travel policy are not permitted to fly with us! If you have existing protection and would prefer not to change it or go on safari with us, it may be possible if you can name us as a protected party.

Is there any chance of getting sick/injured while going on safari?

Going on a safari in Tanzania isn't generally dangerous, but it's imperative to comprehend that you're going into the wild. It is essential to take every precaution necessary to keep safe and healthy for your close-by game viewing and outings. Make sure to take all of the standard medicines (anti-malaria, headache, stomach) and wear your long sleeve shirts!

I have a medical condition. Can I still go on a safari?

If you have any medical ailment, we would advise that you find out what treatments are accessible in Tanzania before going on safari with us. It would help if you discussed with your doctor whether it is safe for you to go on safari or not as we would need to instruct a little about your condition for security reasons.

What vaccinations are needed?

Tanzania requires no injections, and no vaccines are suggested before going on safari in Tanzania; however, malaria pills are essential in Tanzania's safari. So, please ensure that you get your regular anti-malaria medications for your tour.

What will I eat?

All of the necessary and open meals while going on safari in Tanzania are included in our 'inclusive' rates! It incorporates three sumptuous courses every day with a Tanzanian speciality. It is also critical to comprehend that you will have the alternative to eat out at a few restaurants in various towns and villages around Arusha National Park on safari in Tanzania.

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