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Arusha National Park

  • Best Time to Visit

    June to October

  • Area

    552 sq Km

  • From Arusha

    40 Min, 25km

Planning to visit Tanzania? Don't delay your plans and come to Tanzania to enjoy its beautiful vistas. Arusha National Park is a perfect place to explore. You can trek through lush green forests and enjoy the many different types of wildlife that inhabit this area, including giraffes, buffalo, baboons, rhinos, and monkeys. Arusha National Park is a diverse and surprising place that many people don’t know about. Mountain views, lush landscapes, and a variety of wildlife that will keep you coming back for more are just some of the reasons why Arusha National Park is considered one of Africa’s most beautiful national parks. Travelers call it the “green jewel in Tanzania” because it appears green from the peak.

Passing through what locals refer to lovingly as "small Serengeti," travelers get glimpses into peaceful herds consisting largely of buffalo but may spot shy bushbucks, zebras, and giraffes, as well. You may even get to spot chimpanzees in this park. There are shorter safaris for those who want to explore just one type of habitat or animal, but this park also has the chance to go on longer trips where visitors can see several different types within hours.

This park was formerly a game reserve, and its home to many different types of animals and plenty of comfortable lodging options. The park has many beautiful trees and wildlife. We recommend going midweek when there are fewer tourists. Whether it's exploring the dense forest or sighting some rare wildlife like elephants and hippos- there is no shortage of fun activities awaiting your arrival at Arusha NP!

Explore the vast and beautiful wildlife of Arusha National Park- The national park’s expansive landscape is home to a variety of flora, fauna, and landscapes. Home to animals such as elephants, giraffes, and lions you will be able to explore some unique ecosystems.

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