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About Us

Wazi Tours is a company that specializes in African safaris. We want you to have a safari experience of a lifetime with Wazi Tours. We make it possible for you to experience Africa with our 1000+ itineraries offered across Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. Whether you're looking for something luxurious or something on a tight budget, we have the perfect trip for you!

We are committed to providing you with the best service and experience possible, from booking your tour, to picking out an experienced guide, and making sure you have a wonderful time on your trip.

Wazi Tours is a safari company that specializes in guiding and transportation services for the highest quality experience. Each guide has expertise in his area, so you know you are in good hands with these professionals. Wazi Tours also offers airport transfers to make your travel as convenient as possible.

About The Founder of the Company

John Naiman, who mostly known as Wazi,was born in Arusha, and grew up in the Maasai village in his childhood, and during his school-time, he used to move in different regions with the family, as his parents were the government’s servant.

As his origin is Maasai by tribe, and normally Maasai are pastoralists, they usually walk for long distances with cattle, looking for green pasture and water, this automatically made him to love working on mountains, and since his school time, he was interested to work in tourism, and started to work on his way to his dream. After completed his Germany language course, medical courses and wildlife colleges, he started to work as a porter in 1995 for 3 years.In1998 he was promoted to be an assistant guide and in 2003,he has been licensed by KINAPA to be a full guide. Then he succeeded to change from being walking for miles with cattles aiming to get them green posture and water, to hiking for miles in Kilimanjaro with climbers aiming to get them safely to the summit! since 2003,he has been working as a chief guide for different tour Agencies, although eventually he has been working as a Germany speaking guide, for the past 12 years.

He had a long dream to run his own tour company, as he wanted to improve the climbers and safaris services and maximize their safeness .As working in the mountains for more than 26 years,he knows the mountain and all challenges, he knows the climbers and their demand and makes his stuff go an extra mile to deliver above and beyond our client’s expectations .He has led successfully more than 300 different groups to the roof of Africa and his summit success rate is 98%.Before established his own tour company, he has privately operated several climb and safaris successfully.

He lives in Arusha, Tanzania with a small family of three children.

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About The Company

Wazi Tours co.ltd is owned by a local, who has been working in mountains and other tourism attractions for over 26 years, and was able to form a tour company that is reliable and able to fulfill the dreams and expectations of our clients, in high standards. have our own equipments, and our equipments are of high quality and suitable for the worst weather condition in the mountain.

The company offers climbs and safari packages to all national parks in Tanzania. The company organizes climbs in all routes for Kilimanjaro and Meru mountains, from a solo climber to large groups. We organize a day trip, for a client who has arrived earlier. We organize also a climb in mount Kenya. The company operates variety of safaris like Camping, Lodge and Honeymoon safaris. It operates Walking safaris as well. We organize also a trip to Zanzibar. We operate Safari s from a solo person to large groups.

Wazi is the Swahili word to mean open or transparent. For many years now, porters have been calling him >wazi!,as his nick name.’’hapo kwa wazi!!”This is the ‘very often said word’ for porters when calling him, whenever they meet him. This make his real name,John to disappear, and everywhere he is popularly known as wazi. If someone comes and ask about John, it will be hard to find him, but if someone is looking for wazi,will be very easy to find him. So, then John decided to give his nick name, wazi,to his company. He believes that, in the near future, the company will be as famous as WAZI for providing best services to our customers and make their stay with us comfortable and make their safari and climbs unforgettable experience.

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